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WIP: Fast threshold tuning using binary search and S-Curve fit enhancements

David-Leon Pohl requested to merge fast_tdac_tuning into development
  • Fit-able range finding of noisy S-Curve data is finally stable and almost as good as a human in range classification
  • Add fast global and local threshold tuning using binary search.
  • Global tuning works for all flavours, but not at the same time. Stable even for low thresholds where many pixel are already noisy. Tuning loop takes 1 min. Screenshot_from_2018-09-07_17-19-22
  • Local tuning works for linear flavour with reasonable results. Takes about 1m:10s for linear flavour. image image


  • Add differential flavour for local tuning
  • Fix untuned pixels that are stuck
  • Demonstrate equal performance to existing meta script with slow threshold scan based tuning
  • Add very simple "meta" tuning script for threshold (global + local) Does not make sense with the actual restructuring of the code base
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