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Proper Raw Data Interpreation and TDC feature for ITkPix

Yannick Manuel Dieter requested to merge itkpix_tdc into development

This MR adds:

  • Proper event building for ITkPix (only using TLU words, tag-based event building will be implemented later)
  • TDC feature for ITkPix (Hitor Calibration + TDC analysis)
  • Bug fixes for TDC analysis
  • Fix calculation of hitor calibration histograms
  • Separation of chip specific analysises
  • Add PToT and PToA analysis:
    • Can be enabled, as TDC, with analyze_ptot from testbench.yaml. Default is False
    • As for TDC feature, in case of analyze_ptot = True additional hit columns ptot and ptoa are added. The tot column in that case will be 0, since it does not exist in this mode.
    • Manually added analyze_ptot = True to all scans which use the ptot feature
    • Plotting: if ptot feature is used do not plot tot map, instead plot ptot and ptoa map
  • More unit tests:
    • Test chunked analysis of hitor calibration
    • Test Ptot analog scan (including chunking)
    • Test ptot hitor calibration (including chunking)

Fixes #388 (closed)


  • Write TLU words for every scan if ITkPix is used (needed for event building)
  • remove _ptot scans, add option to use ptot as chip parameter (change configure step, change masking, add ptot table) (later, see #395 (closed) )
  • Decrease tot_hist to 512 (1024 consumes to much RAM-memory and leads to MemoryErrors)
  • Small unit test for ITKpix event building (check for missing tags)
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