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Release v1.6.0

Michael Daas requested to merge development into master

This release brings many improvements in module testing and handling to BDAQ53, as well as some bugfixes and stability improvements.

New scans:

  • Add analog_disable_scan for bump analysis, that adds analog dead pixels to the disable mask
  • Add disconnected bump analysis script for "normal" source scan
  • Add a HitOr based noise occupancy scan

Usability improvements:

  • Module types are now predefined in bdaq53/modules/module_types.yaml and can be set in testbanch.yaml
  • A new combined interpreted data file is automatically created for the whole module

Stability improvements and fixes:

  • Scan parameters are generated once in plotting instead of in every method individually
  • New method for generating the electron axis in plotting
  • Removed qualitative mode from plotting
  • Speedup jitted parts of analysis
  • Filter process in fifo_readout should improve stability
  • Add new base class tests to CI pipeline
  • Ring oscillator frequency calculation is fixed
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