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Fifo readout simplification and maintanance

David-Leon Pohl requested to merge fifo_readout_cleanup into development

This MR reverts to a more simple fifo readout from the past; deleting some unnecessary complications from multi-module "parallel processes" readout. It:

  • Deletes the per receiver channel thread
  • Removes multiprocessing to filter the raw data
  • Add a data cache for fifo readout
  • Fix and re-activate memory leak testing
  • Remove some warnings
  • Update docker runner containers
  • Activate automatic scan testing for RD53B and fix 1-2 scans to work with RD53B
  • Add numba cache for analysis (saves > 6s for each interpreter start)
  • Fix #478 (closed) and #485 (closed)

If it turns out to be too slow for a quad module that is read out in parallel multi processing should be put back.

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