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polishing a few flags

Petr Balek requested to merge pbalek/athena:HIEgamma_fixv2a into HIEgamma_fixv2

I included:

  • flags for tracking
  • extra HI flag for SubtractedEgammaTopoClusters
  • deleted redundant comments
  • better naming for shallow copy of EgammaTopoClusters
  • formated egamma with autopep8 (see here some tutorial)

However, it crashes with:

JRA_buildAntiKt2HIJets.trkmoms                         0     0   ERROR Could not retrieve the TrackVertexAssociation: JetTrackVtxAssoc
JRA_buildAntiKt2HIJets                                 0     0   ERROR JetRec/src/JetRecAlg.cxx:87 (StatusCode JetRecAlg::execute(const EventContext&) const): code FAILURE: t->modify(*jetContHandle)
JRA_buildAntiKt2HIJets                                 0     0   ERROR Maximum number of errors ( 'ErrorMax':1) reached.
AlgTask                                                0     0 WARNING Execution of algorithm JRA_buildAntiKt2HIJets failed

and the same for other jet collections.

Does it the same for you? Maybe I'm missing some latest commits?

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