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    Print and Compare function in one executable · ccd6dfda
    Benedikt Volkel authored
    1) Both functionalities are contained in executable ROOTCompare
    2) Installs ROOTCompare and setup to $INSTALLPATH/bin
    3) $INSTALLPATH/bin/setup can be sourced to setup the environment
       to use from anywhere in the current terminal
    3.1) Installation library path as well as this packages library path
         are added to (DY)LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    3.2) $INSTALLPATH/bin is added to PATH
    4) Command line arguments are processed more generically
       (see src/ROOTCompare.cxx) and behaviour could even be extended
    5) Compiles at least with -std=c++11. However, if ROOT was compiled
       with later std this is used.
    6) Change CMake version to 3.8.2 to support CXX_STANDARD 17
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