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Fix theory systematics and 4FS/5FS overlap removal; various changes

Sebastien Wertz requested to merge variousChanges into master
  • Complete (and now include here) the list of samples with missing/buggy PS and/or QCD scale weights. Also fix: systematics were not properly removed for samples with subprocesses
  • Fix postprocessing of systematics from alternative samples (normalize, copy histograms to nominal files, removal from plotIt list)
  • Fix muon HLT paths for 2016 samples
  • Fix label ("electron", "muon", "lepton") on summed plots
  • Change default job runtime from 4h to 6h
  • bTagPlotter: compare 3D with 2D ttH b-tag patches
  • Fix application of 2D ttH b-tag patches for ttbb components
  • controlPlotter: make backup of batch results folder before running (possibly destructive) postprocessing. This should be extended to other plotters as well.
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