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More UL updates

Sebastien Wertz requested to merge ulStuff into master
  • Fix some samples, update some to nanoV9. @kcormier I think we can now synchronize this list with your Rucio container. It will just need to be re-synchronized when the missing samples are there.
  • Fix implementation of on-the-fly JEC/JER systematics
  • Small fixes for the lepton SF systematics (temporary, until the central JSONs are fixed)
  • Disable everything related to MET (not used)
  • Update Muon Rochester correction files for UL; re-enable on-the-fly correction
  • Move to jsonPOG format for b-tagging scale factors; add argument to choose between fixedWP (default, with weight computed for two working points, M and T), and iterativeFit
  • Add loose jet PUID
  • Remove old iterativeFit patches
  • Remove old scale factors from the repository
  • Fix goldenJSON for 2016 data
  • Update skimmer module used for synchronization (needed some re-organization of base analysis module hierarchy, should be transparent for other modules)
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