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Change default of "named" attribute to keep compatibility with existing supported Run4 Geo tags

Nicholas Styles requested to merge nstyles/GeoModel:master-nameDefault into master

Following discussion on #43 this is a change that should allow compatibility with current Run4 Geometry tags to be maintained.

However, as discussed in the issue, it may be preferred that this goes in a patch branch, and a patch release made. If so, such a branch would need to be created in GeoModelDev/GeoModel so that I can switch to use that as the target branch (I don't have permissions to create it) - the assumption in this MR is that 4.3.2 would be tagged from the master branch, and the patch branch created from that. Any other option would require some additional changes to be added (which is also possible).

The idea would be that in future geometry tags, we will add the named attribute explicitly wherever it is needed, and make a new Run4 geometry tag which can hopefully be used to digitize/reconstruct HITS produced with our current tag, so that they can still be used for most purposes. At that point we will no longer need patched releases, but we will need some time to bridge that gap.

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