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Add support to publish lists of FullPhysVol and AlignableTransform nodes by any key

The MR adds support to publish lists of FullPhysVol and AlignableTransform nodes. ( Note: This is a sister MR of, and this is requested to build the latter. )

The nodes now can be published with any type of key. At the moment, strings and integers are supported for testing, but that can be easily extended to any type.

The new tools can be used in plugins (refer to the sister MR for an example of that) as well as in plain GeoModel code (see the new GeoModelExamples/HelloToy example).

The lists of published nodes can be stored in separate DB tables, by providing custom table names (actually, suffixes: they are added to a default table name). Suffixes are built by adding the plugin's name, if any (the sister MR introduce that as well, to avoid conflicting tables' names), to the suffix provided by the client's code.

This MR adds all the needed functionalities to publish FPV and AXF nodes, and to save the lists of nodes to the DB in customized, separate tables. In a separate MR new code to read the lists of published nodes from the DB will be provided.

Edited by Riccardo Maria Bianchi

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