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New CI job to allow MRs after the change in gitlab policy [skip modfiles]

Spyros Argyropoulos requested to merge fixCI into master

As discussed in #60 (closed) due to a change in the gitlab policy, the new gitlab policy considers non-triggered pipelines as having the same status as failed pipelines, i.e. if there is no pipeline in a MR, the MR cannot be merged. This in particular means that anything committed with [skip ci] etc is no longer mergeable.

The changes implemented here circumvent this by having a "dummy" job (as per the gitlab guidelines) which will get triggered only

  • iff a MR is created
  • iff the commit message contains [skip all]

Impact on MRs with new jO

For new jO MC contacts first create a new branch, where all the CI jobs will run, as shown here Screenshot_2020-01-15_at_10.01.36 Then if everything runs successfully, the check_logParser job will make a push with [skip all] and when the MR is created there will be a single CI job running (and always succeeding) as shown here Screenshot_2020-01-15_at_10.04.19

Impact on MRs for code development

For anything else related to code development (modifications of jO, scripts etc) we have to use the usual commit messages (e.g. [skip modfiles]) so that at least some pipelines run.

There is also a fallback solution to skip all pipelines, i.e. instead of [skip ci] one can commit with [skip all], however this is obviously reserved for exceptional cases.

I modified the README and MR template to reflect the above. If anything is not clear let me know.

Closes #60 (closed)

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