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Updating to b_bbar_4l_modified process

Katharina Voss requested to merge fix_katharin_602495 into master

Description of bug

The previously uploaded job options in context of the production request ATLMCPROD-10843 needed a locally modified version of the b_bbar_4l POWHEG-BOX-RES process, which was included in the gridpack. Now, these local changes are included in the newly introduced b_bbar_4l_modified process, available starting from POWHEG OTF-06-03 AGENE-2233, which is included starting from AthGeneration,23.6.20 AGENE-2235. Therefore this new process is used in the updated job options.

Changes introduced

  • Removing the modification of the POWHEGPATH in the job options and using the new process b_bbar_4l_modified
  • Removing the modified b_bbar_4l process from the gridpack


The log.generate file produced with the new job options (using AthGeneration.23.6.20) was checked with the git jO submission script commit_new_dsid with the command line option --dry-run

Issues resolved

No locally modified b_bbar_4l process is needed anymore

Closes #

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