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Check if DSID is used in other branches

Spyros Argyropoulos requested to merge issue91 into master

Changes introduced

  • will check if a DSID is being used by any other branch in the remote and if so throw an error
  • this feature is used by both the commit script and the CI


  1. Previous behaviour of commit script stays unchanged (I'm trying to commit a new jO from 999999 (dummy) so the commit script should suggest the proper DSID)

  2. I put the jO in a DSID used by another branch => both the commit script and the CI fail: Screenshot_2020-03-15_at_09.51.29 Screenshot_2020-03-15_at_09.55.00

  3. I put the jO in the correct DSID (as suggested by the script) => both the commit script and the CI should succeed Screenshot_2020-03-15_at_09.52.48 Screenshot_2020-03-15_at_10.21.44

Issues resolved

Closes #91 (closed)

Edited by Frank Siegert

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