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Change how nEventsPerJob is extracted from jO file in logParser

Spyros Argyropoulos requested to merge issue98 into master

Changes introduced

  • Bug fix: logParser was extracting nEventsPerJob from the first occurrence of evgenConfig.nEventsPerJob in the jO file, therefore the extrapolation of the CPU time and any other checks related to nEventsPerJob would be wrong if there were multiple occurences of evgenConfig.nEventsPerJob or if the number of events would be manipulated with python statements (see #98 (closed) for details)
  • A check is added (ERROR thrown) to make sure that no executable evgenConfig.minEvents lines exist in the jO file


Check on a regular file (500xxx/500564/log.generate provided by Serena)

logParser succeeds Screenshot_2020-04-06_at_17.44.05

Adding evgenConfig.minEvents in jO file

Screenshot_2020-04-06_at_17.44.53 Screenshot_2020-04-06_at_17.45.01

Adding multiple occcurences and complicated definition of evgenConfig.nEventsPerJob

I added the following in the jO:

evgenConfig.nEventsPerJob = 1000
evgenConfig.nEventsPerJob = A


So everything seems to work

Issues resolved

Closes #98 (closed) #99 (closed)

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