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new pbeast patch for tdaq-09-03-00 to fix ADAMATLAS-393, ADAMATLAS-394 and ADAMATLAS-396

Igor Soloviev requested to merge isolov/tdaq-09-03-00/pbeast into tdaq-09-03-00

=== pbeast ===

Add to server log any remote call or action taking more than 5 seconds (Igor Soloviev) Fix bug causing random UNTIL query parameter and slow downsampling query (Igor Soloviev) Improve pbeast server logging and verbose reporting. (Igor Soloviev) Add default intervals (since and until) to avoid too long queries (Igor Soloviev) Add server profiling for remote calls (Igor Soloviev) Minor style changes (Igor Soloviev) New data file format (v4), see ADAMATLAS-393 (Igor Soloviev) new style to declare const c++ string as class member (Igor Soloviev) Implement possibility to configure save of void data compressed (Igor Soloviev) Remove precision attribute from data files and various methods (Igor Soloviev) rename create_info_per_class -> reupload_data (Igor Soloviev) fix pbeast test application for real data (Igor Soloviev) First draft of pbeast performance test write utility for ADAMATLAS-392 (Igor Soloviev) Rename till to until parameter and add raw timestamps to read_repository (Igor Soloviev) add command line options for interval using raw ts format (Igor Soloviev) fix runtime errrors (Igor Soloviev) add performance test per class (Igor Soloviev)

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