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kolos submitted swrod with tag swrod-00-08-72

Serguei Kolos requested to merge kolos/tdaq-09-04-00/swrod into tdaq-09-04-00

=== swrod ===

Update default parameter values (Serguei Kolos) Update release notes for a new patch (Serguei Kolos) Update release notes for a new patch (Serguei Kolos) Remove the check for late arrival of L1A packets (Serguei Kolos) Add garbage collector to prevent assembly buffer from filling up (Serguei Kolos) Add new HLT request handler parameter (Serguei Kolos) Make links unsubscription configurable for stopless removal/recovery (Serguei Kolos) Reset m_nextIndex at run started (Gordon Crone) Temporary disable stopless recovery tests for FULL mode (Serguei Kolos) Add MaxReorder attribue to HLTRequestHandler (Gordon Crone) Make max size of reorder pending map configurable (Gordon Crone) Don't unsubscribe stoplessly removed E-Links (Serguei Kolos) Improve error recovery (Serguei Kolos) Add missing configuration parameters (Serguei Kolos) tidy up latest additions to hltserving unit test (Gordon Crone) Limit size of pending L1Id map resetting expected l1 if limit reached (Gordon Crone) Improve fragment index assignment when all input links are disabled (Serguei Kolos) Improve index assignment in case of L1A timeout (Serguei Kolos) Always apply advanced recovery if BCID is present (Serguei Kolos) Suspend timeout for the duration of stopless recovery (Serguei Kolos) Fix unsubscribe function (Serguei Kolos) Improve procedure of handling missed packets (Serguei Kolos) Remove LOG message that may be called too often (Serguei Kolos) Improve timeout implementation (Serguei Kolos) Execute enable command in the context of the netio event loop (Serguei Kolos) Adopt to the new value that is returned by the MasterTrigger::hold() function (Serguei Kolos) Don't send ECR reset command if TTCControllerName attribute is set to empty string (Serguei Kolos) Add ROB status to IS (Serguei Kolos) Fix comments (Serguei Kolos)

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