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kolos submitted swrod with tag swrod-00-08-80

Serguei Kolos requested to merge kolos/tdaq-09-04-00/swrod into tdaq-09-04-00

=== swrod ===

Remove unused include (Serguei Kolos) Update release notes for the new patch (Serguei Kolos) Restore originam CMakeLists.txt (Serguei Kolos) Reduce the numbe rof reported errors (Serguei Kolos) Add m_running flag to prevent race condition that may be caused by noisy E-Links (Serguei Kolos) Fix incorrect usage of the Master Trigger interface (Serguei Kolos) Improve handling of dropped and corrupt packets. (Serguei Kolos) Don't lock mutex for handling GC (Serguei Kolos) Remove GC manipulation, which eliminates a need of using mutex (Serguei Kolos) Remove duplicated check (Serguei Kolos) Fix compilation error (Serguei Kolos) Fix last HLTDataBuffer mod, only count gc when erase() does erase (Gordon Crone) Fix compilation error when using the new master triggr interface (Serguei Kolos) Improve timeout handling when all input links are disabled (Serguei Kolos) Improve timeout handling. (Serguei Kolos) Improve handling of a ROB with all E-Links disabled (Serguei Kolos) Reset garbage collection containers at run start (Gordon Crone) Refill garbage collector with -1 at the beginning of a new run (Serguei Kolos) Remove unused function (Serguei Kolos) Implement garbage collection in HLTDataBuffer (Gordon Crone) Use a dedicated instance of FelixClient for sending commands (Serguei Kolos) Remove unused functions (Serguei Kolos)

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