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"kolos submitted swrod with tag swrod-00-10-01 for tdaq-10-00-00"

Serguei Kolos requested to merge kolos/tdaq-10-00-00/swrod into tdaq-10-00-00

=== swrod ===

Add three new monitoring attributes (Serguei Kolos) Allow number of E-Links be smaller than the number of worker threads (Serguei Kolos) Enable L1AHandler (Serguei Kolos) Set hex format for LinkSubscriptionMask attribute (Serguei Kolos) Don't set RR thread priority (Serguei Kolos) Fix incorrect path to netio.h file (Serguei Kolos) Smart E-Links spreading algorithm (Serguei Kolos) Add missing attributes (Serguei Kolos) Use the latest FELIX release 4.2.5 (Serguei Kolos) Fix the usage of non-initialized variables in the log message (Serguei Kolos)

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