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Large merge to import TrigInDetAnalysis changes from final 21.1-dev to 21.3

Mark Sutton requested to merge sutt/athena:21.3-initn into 21.3

Includes the merge of code from last version of 21.1-dev to 21.3, includes update and tidy of the copyright statement ( 2018 -> 2019 etc since these are different between the code in any case)

Their are also some code compliance changes - replacing __FILENAME_H with PACKAGE_FILENAME_H in the include guard and so on

Add the header required for matching the full trigger objects with the tracks needed for the full object selection

The functionality changes (ie changes to code structure) are coming from 21.1-dev / 21.1 so in principle they have been reviewed and validated already, so really reviewing this merge request will be a major waste of time for all concerned.

As it is so large, there might inevitably be some code compliance issues that have been missed, but rather than waste additional time here, these can be addressed in subsequent merge requests over the comming weeks while we try to tidy up and consolidate the changes required by the migration to the new branches

This is further discussed in ATR-19009 which these changes partly address.

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