Update packages:TrigTauRec from upstream/21.0-TrigMC to upstream/master via pseudo-merge


With this MR, we migrate developments that were made in TrigTauRec 21.1 but were never ported to master. Other packages listed in ATR-19015 will follow.

For TrigTauRecMerged.h and TrigTauRecMerged.cxx, we were missing:

  • the monitoring of RNN ID input variables (which is now commented out in master, because the tauRecTools RNN tools have not been migrated to master yet, they will be shortly)
  • the fix to element links (relevant for data)

For TrigTauRecMergedMT.cxx, I only fixed the indentation, and made no other change. Importing the RNN monitoring functionality will be done later (unless this is migrated to tauRecTools somehow?).

For TrigTauAlgorithmsHolder.py and TrigTauRecConfig.py, we were missing all 2018 developments (mediumRNN_tracktwoMVA triggers).

For TrigTauRecMonitoring.py, these are trivial changes.

Cheers, Bertrand

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