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Adding missing pieces to (v2)

Cleaned up version of !21254 (closed).

Copied over most of the missing configuration from into So far only tested on data and not yet enabling the digitruth or calibration hit moments.

In the process, created to set up the HV scale corrections. Also merged in changes from !21251 (merged), which are clearly needed.

@wlampl, @pavol, FYI.

Following up on the open questions from the original MR, we discussed this in the calo SW meeting last week ( and concluded that the LArHVScaleConfig module can stay as is for now, as there is no finer granularity needed for standard reconstruction. I also concluded that the topocluster module has the right granularity, as there is steering possible via flags.

However, the results currently do not reproduce the non-CA implementation well, so I'd like to follow up on this before unmarking as WIP. Noting also that this depends on the CaloNoiseTool, so when that is deprecated, this setup will need to be updated to use its successor.

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