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Update packages:TrigTauRec and TriggerMenu/python/tau from upstream/21.3 to upstream/master via pseudo-merge


This MR is a resubmission of !20468 (closed) , i.e. pseudomerge of 21.3 (previously 21.0-TrigMC) to master of the TrigTauRec package, which is the first step of the tau trigger pseudomerge (ATR-19015). It was generated with: --packages Trigger/TrigAlgorithms/TrigTauRec Trigger/TriggerCommon/TriggerMenu/python/tau --source upstream/21.3 --target upstream/master --stage 2

I hope all suggestions from @pavol were properly implemented. In TrigTauRecMergedMT.cxx, on purpose, I did not import the fix for broken element links in data which was deployed in TrigTauRecMerged.cxx, because I hope a proper solution will be found for R22. I harmonised with In addition, I am migrating Trigger/TriggerCommon/TriggerMenu/python/tau, where I cleaned up all deprecated Run1 components from Some cleanup will be needed for

Thanks. Bertrand

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