WIP: 21.9: Continue porting over necessary changes for step 3 geometries

Nicholas Styles requested to merge nstyles/athena:21.9-step3prep into 21.9

Continuing from !21365 (merged) to port over updates needed for Step 3 geometries into 21.9. Basis for the changes is:

BarrelInclinedRef-00-00-90-16 EndcapRingRef-00-00-18-01 PixelLayoutUtils-00-00-12

Please let me know if any of these are not appropriate starting points. On top of what was in these tags, I have removed any dependence on the LayoutTranslationTool and re-implemented any changes that had already been made in 21.9 on top of the previous imports.

This all compiles but has run time problems when I try to run the standard step 2.2 test:

16:50:45 XML: Could not find PixelStaveGeo StaveSupportEOSMaterialGeo in XML file
16:50:45 MemStatAuditor       INFO Memory usage has changed after GeoModelSvc Initialize 	virtual size = 1065.77 MB 	resident set size = 617.418 MB deltaVsize = 13  MB
16:50:45 GeoModelSvc         FATAL in sysInitialize(): standard std::exception is caught
16:50:45 GeoModelSvc         ERROR Invalid material:
16:50:45 ServiceManager      ERROR Unable to initialize Service: GeoModelSvc
16:50:45 Py:Athena            INFO leaving with code 33: "failure in initialization" 

I assume this must be due to the newly-added getStaveSupportEOSMaterial method not finding anything at StaveSupportEOSMaterialGeo and so returning an empty string. I think this is because GeoPixelLayerPlanarRefTool now calls PixelInclRefStaveXMLHelper staveDBHelper(m_layer, basics); but maybe a pixel geometry expert could comment - especially if they have a suggestion how we can make this backwards-compatible... it seems to have come in here

FYI @npetters @asalzbur @ncalace @goblirsc @lmijovic @nova @fcostanz

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