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Changes for implementing l1topo triggers and small change for ATR-17328

  • Taking over from MR !21702 (closed)
  • Resolved conflicts with 21.3
  • Modified TCS::LayoutConstraints::g_maxComponents = 200
  • Generate automatically unprescaled_only prescales based on the Primary tag rather than the hardcoded list
  • L1Topo changes made are for:
    • ATR-19355: Implement L1Topo trigger 0INVM10-3MU4ab
    • ATR-18815: Implemet L1topo trigger 0INVM10-0DR15-EM8abi-MU10ab and 0INVM10-0DR15-EM12abi-MU6ab
    • ATR-17328: 1DISAMB-J25ab-0DR28-TAU20abi-TAU12abi -> 2DISAMB-J25ab-0DR28-TAU20abi-TAU12abi
  • Much of the L1Topo code is commented out because of a bug on the algorithm side producing a crash. The menu implementation is correct and validated, so we want to include it (commented) and will uncomment once the L1Topo algorithm has been debugged.
Edited by Javier Montejo Berlingen

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