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JetReclustering: Extending usability

Jason Robert Veatch requested to merge jveatch/athena:21.2-RC into 21.2

Several new options are added to JetReclustering that will enable more flexible use. The changes are:

  1. Add option to use SoftDrop instead of Trimming
  2. Add option to ghost-associate b-tagging jets
  3. Add option to set ungroomed jet container name
  4. Add EnergyCorrelatorGeneralizedTool and EnergyCorrelatorGeneralizedRatioTool
  5. Enable passing configurations to EnergyCorrelator tools
  6. Fixing minor typos and messaging levels

Tagging @gstark and @jburr as the original developers and @mleblanc, @bnachman, and @mswiatlo as the jet reclustering experts. Also tagging @loch, @williams, @sschramm, @cyoung, and @cdelitzs for JSV and JSS.

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