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Susumu Oda requested to merge oda/athena:21.9-ATLITKSW-124 into 21.9

The corresponding MR for master is !34098 (merged)

Fix issues of SCT_FrontEnd seen in

  • Remove the implementation for the invalid combination of Condensed (DataReadOutMode=0) and X1X (DataCompressionMode=1).
    • m_data_compression_mode = 1 (Level_X1X) requires timing information. However, m_data_readout_mode = 0 (Condensed) does not keep timing information.
    • The 01X requirement in clustering is not correctly applied.
    • m_data_compression_mode = 3 (AnyHit_1XX_X1X_XX1) has the same problem.
  • Modify the code to abort jobs if invalid combinations are used.
  • Define and use enums of CompressionMode and ReadOutMode for easier understanding.

Validation tests were done with changing DataReadOutMode and DataCompressionMode by postExec. Results are not changed when the job is not aborted. --conditionsTag all:OFLCOND-MC16-SDR-17 --ignoreErrors 'False' --autoConfiguration='everything' --AMITag 'q221' --digiSeedOffset2 '1' --inputHITSFile='/cvmfs/' --preExec  'all:rec.Commissioning.set_Value_and_Lock(True);from AthenaCommon.BeamFlags import jobproperties;jobproperties.Beam.numberOfCollisions.set_Value_and_Lock(0.);from LArROD.LArRODFlags import larRODFlags;larRODFlags.nSamples.set_Value_and_Lock(4);from TriggerJobOpts.TriggerFlags import TriggerFlags;TriggerFlags.AODEDMSet="AODFULL"'  'HITtoRDO:from Digitization.DigitizationFlags import digitizationFlags;digitizationFlags.overrideMetadata+=["PhysicsList"];'  'RAWtoESD:from TriggerJobOpts.TriggerFlags import TriggerFlags;TriggerFlags.triggerMenuSetup="MC_pp_v7";from CaloRec.CaloCellFlags import jobproperties;jobproperties.CaloCellFlags.doLArCellEmMisCalib=False;' --digiSeedOffset1 '1' --steering 'doRDO_TRIG' --DataRunNumber '284500' --outputRDOFile RDO.pool.root --maxEvents '100' --postExec 'ToolSvc.SCT_DigitizationTool.FrontEnd.DataReadOutMode=0;ToolSvc.SCT_DigitizationTool.FrontEnd.DataCompressionMode=1;' was fine. RunTier0Tests.log

DataReadOutMode DataCompressionMode Requirement in Clustering Result Without this MR With this MR
0 (Condensed) 1 (Level_X1X) XXX OK Run Abort
0 (Condensed) 1 (Level_X1X) X1X OK Run Abort
0 (Condensed) 1 (Level_X1X) 01X Not OK Run Abort
0 (Condensed) 2 (Edge_01X) XXX OK Run Run
0 (Condensed) 2 (Edge_01X) X1X OK Run Run
0 (Condensed) 2 (Edge_01X) 01X OK Run Run
0 (Condensed) 3 (AnyHit_1XX_X1X_XX1) XXX OK Run Abort
0 (Condensed) 3 (AnyHit_1XX_X1X_XX1) X1X Not OK Run Abort
0 (Condensed) 3 (AnyHit_1XX_X1X_XX1) 01X Not OK Run Abort
1 (Expanded) 1 (Level_X1X) XXX OK Run Run
1 (Expanded) 1 (Level_X1X) X1X OK Run Run
1 (Expanded) 1 (Level_X1X) 01X OK Run Run
1 (Expanded) 2 (Edge_01X) XXX OK Run Run
1 (Expanded) 2 (Edge_01X) X1X OK Run Run
1 (Expanded) 2 (Edge_01X) 01X OK Run Run
1 (Expanded) 3 (AnyHit_1XX_X1X_XX1) XXX OK Run Run
1 (Expanded) 3 (AnyHit_1XX_X1X_XX1) X1X OK Run Run
1 (Expanded) 3 (AnyHit_1XX_X1X_XX1) 01X OK Run Run
Edited by Susumu Oda

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