Merge 21.0.117 into 21.3

Merged John Derek Chapman requested to merge jchapman/athena:Merge21.0.117into21.3 into 21.3

This merge request merges all the changes that were made to the 21.0 branch between the release release/21.0.117 and the previous release release/21.0.116.

Below is the full list of merge requests that were included between these two tags:

  • !35745 (merged) : FastCaloSim: Add an option to initialize the GAN energy from the simulstate instead of always using Ekin
  • !35602 (merged) : FCS: allow disabling of LWTNN in standalone mode
  • !35345 (merged) : Sweeping !35322 (merged) from master to 21.0.
  • !35250 (merged) : Decide whether SimHit Collections should be created per simulator on a per region-basis
  • !35199 (merged) : Protect against invalid data when PNG not requested
  • !35085 (merged) : Rejecting tracks with shared hits and veto of peripheral region in the SCTLorentzMonTool

Link to the full diff between release/21.0.117 and release/21.0.116 is available at

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