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MuonCombinedReconstruction - A single MSOE container for standard & LRT muons

Hi everybody,

as explained in ATLASRECTS-6787, the MSOnlyExtrapolatedTrackParticles are the same objects between standard & LRT muon tracks but copied into different output containers. The MuonCreatorAlg creates at the same time the Extrapolated, Combined, MSOE track particle container. The creation of the first two is needed as the tracks from the MuGirl and the MuIdCo stream are merged together. The extrapolated tracks from the MuonCandidates are pushed in the vast majority of the cases into the MSOETrackContainer and only for StandAlone muons this track is declared as an extrapolated track particle. In order, to have distinct track collections for each muon track type, the MSOE track container is also created by the MuonCreatorAlg. However, the ID track links already point to two containers. Once to the ordinary container and once to the InDetTrackParticlesFwd container for SAF muons. There is no reason why in one case, the policy of having one container per partilce type shall be respected and in the other not.

Keeping the long tail short, in this MR, the creation of the MSOE TrackParticleContainer is pulled out from the MuonCreatorAlg. The MuonCandidates created by the MuonCombinedCandidateAlg are first converted into xAOD::TrackParticles using the standard conversion algorithm and then the xAOD::TrackParticles are linked to each MuonCandidate by the MuonCandidatexAODParticleLinkAlg which is then fed to the combined reconstruction chain downstream.

The MSOnlyExtrapolatedLocation property is removed from the MuonCreatorAlg and the offline & trigger configuration is adapted. Let me tag the trigger folks @sshaw, @cdiez to check the changes in the trigger configuration as experts.

This MR should not go in before !49867 (merged).

Tagging: @wleight

Closes ATLASRECTS-6787

Edited by Johannes Junggeburth

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