Daily "22.0 to master" sweep: 01/06/22

Johannes Elmsheuser requested to merge elmsheus/athena:update_01_06 into master

This is the manual sweep of MRs from the 22.0 branch to the master branch for 01/06/22.

There had been MR conflicts in the following 4 files when using a simple git merge upstream/22.0:


I've used instead in the MR here: git merge --strategy-option theirs upstream/22.0 to avoid these 4 MR conflicts and give preference to the 22.0 branch code.

I've also applied git revert 1f0e044b405f90fe56d33bcb38e69a311c9b32fd to avoid sweeping MR !53740 (merged)\

Reverted also the Project/*/version.txt updates by hand

Tagging @jojungge, @tamartin, @tadej for info.

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