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LLP1 electron container merging, variables, and algorithms

Jonathan Long requested to merge longjon/athena:LLP1_mergeLepContainers into master


  • standard + LRT electron merger (Overlap should be moved to common analysis tool for downstream use as well)
  • Trigger matching for standard+LRT leptons needs !54887 (merged) to work
  • Updates LRT lepton smart slimming based on changes to standard leptons
  • Adds DFCommon* displaced electron ID working points, as for standard, and other missing algorithms copied from standard electrons
    • e.g., including isolation computation for electrons and muons
  • Adds GSF and LRTGSF variables: numberOfPixelHoles.numberOfSCTHoles.numberDoF.chiSquared as needed for analysis selection
  • Related to MR !53881 (closed) (muon merger) once that is in, combined collection should be put into trig match tool (pending debugging above)

Jonathan and @ancsmith

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