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TrackingVolumeHelper, TrackingVolumeCreator now can pass thread safety

This one is the 2nd follow-up after cleaning up TrkDetDescr for const correctnes.

The previous installments are :

  • !56242 (merged) -> removal of un-nneeded const
  • !56287 (closed) -> since volumes are not created as const from the start. Now we can manipulate them. TrackingManipulator becomes safe.

Here TrackingVolumeHelper and TrackingVolumeCreator are becoming THREAD_SAFE

For now looks huge as it contains the other 2 . So look only at the last commit (ATLAS-EGamma/athena@16b51038)

Splitting things as we go as I understand people have issues going through the MRs if they are large. But if we want to be able to have these safe we had to start from un-needed const ...

ping @ssnyder and @fwinkl to know that this also could be coming.

Edited by Christos Anastopoulos

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