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Fix B-Line parameter access of the NSW prepdata

Johannes Junggeburth requested to merge jojungge/athena:ATLASRECTS-7220 into 22.0

Hi everybody,

in ATLASRECTS-7220, an irreproducibility of the muon reconstruction in the unassociated segment container was reported. The culprit was an improper parsing of the BLine parameters to the ReadoutGeometry. The address of the local BLineParinstance was parsed to the NSW detector elements instead of the instance that's cached by the MuonDetectorElement. Consequently, the memory was no longer valid when the parameters were applied and the read numbers could give very nuts results. For instance, the wedge can be inside the inner detector


or at the other end of the universe.


This MR fixes primarily the B-line parameter access. The rest are initialization fixes.

Tagging @pberta, @jmaurer @elmsheus, @nstyles to make them aware of this urgent bugfix.

A yes... I forgot, the trigger is not affected because the as-built is not loaded there.

Closes ATLASRECTS-7220


Edited by Johannes Junggeburth

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