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Draft: Adding Photon Isolation to TLA EDM + Backup Photon+Jets

Marco Montella requested to merge mmontell/athena:TLA_PhotonThresholds into 22.0

This MR adds a number of backup triggers for Photon+Jets TLA in order to have a flexible data-taking strategy that can quickly adapt to all scenarios involving the LAr ROS access rate upon machine restart.

The new chains are:


A second batch of chains are added which explicitly require the isolation calculation:


Furthermore, this MR adds the photon isolation variables to the TLA EDM by means of:

PhToKeep = ['topoetcone20', 'topoetcone40', 'etcone20']
PhVars = '.'.join(PhToKeep)
('xAOD::PhotonAuxContainer#HLT_egamma_Photons_TLAAux.'+PhVars,                             'BS PhysicsTLA JetPEBPhysicsTLA ESD', 'Egamma'),


A single-chain test run on a icaloloose chain works as intended. A test run with the full menu (or even a two-chain run with an iso and a non-iso TLA chains) runs into the following error message:

2022-09-05 17:34:08,374  Py:TriggerMenuMT:MenuComponents      ERROR ComboMaker for Alg:ComboHypo_Step9_merged2_TLAStep_merged_EmptyJetMETAlign3_Photon_MainStep_jet_a4_pf_em_subresjesgscIS_ftf with addChain for:HLT_g45_tight_icaloloose_3j25_pf_ftf_PhysicsTLA_L1EM22VHI Chain multiplicity:(1, 3) Per leg input collection index:().
2022-09-05 17:34:08,374  Py:TriggerMenuMT:MenuComponents      ERROR The size of the multiplicies vector must be the same size as the per leg input collection vector.
2022-09-05 17:34:08,374  Py:TriggerMenuMT:MenuComponents      ERROR The ComboHypo needs to know which input DecisionContainers contain the DecisionObjects to be used for each leg.
2022-09-05 17:34:08,374  Py:TriggerMenuMT:MenuComponents      ERROR Check why ComboMaker.addInput(...) was not called exactly once per leg.

Tagging @tamartin for expert support.

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