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Manual Sweep from 21.0 to master: Run3 developments for FCS Muon Punch Through

John Derek Chapman requested to merge jchapman/athena:MPT_master into master

Original changes from @thcarter in !54822 (merged) and from @thcarter and @mumohdso in !58060 (merged). Plus some minor syntax and configuration clean-up.

Contains all the developments for the Run3 developments and improvements made to the FastCaloSim Muon Punch Through tools for AF3. Contains the following:

  • PunchThroughClassifier. Calibrated classifier used to predict if an event should result in a punch through.
  • Punch through tool redesign and simplification
  • New parameterization of punch through kinematics using PCA.
  • Expands the number of punch through particle types to 9.

Validated using single pions. Gives significant improvement in modelling of ghost-associated muon segments (see plot).Screenshot_2022-07-04_at_15.45.09

The same set of changes went into 22.0 as !58061 (merged).

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