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Update muon CP alg sequence to very latest Run 3 recommendations

Teng Jian Khoo requested to merge khoo/athena:master-MuonCPAlg-2023Recs into master

As is starting to be a trend, the CP alg configs are lagging behind the CP group recommendations (see !61011 (merged)).

If they are not kept up to date, having the central implementation is self-defeating. Changing two python lines is not any more effort than requesting the calib area be updated. Tagging @vimartin and @hrussell in the hopes that we can get some sort of process going such that propagating updates to the XAnalysisAlgorithms config is bound tightly to releasing recommendations. A quick search for related MRs only shows an AnalysisTop update, so it seems that there was no change needed in the MCP code. This suggests that we can't depend on anything in Git to flag the need for such updates, and the solution has to be some sort of procedural one.

I'll also note that this silences many many warnings like

CollectionContainer       WARNING Could not find any SF period in Central matching the run number 430536
CollectionContainer       WARNING Could not find any SF period in CentralLowPt matching the run number 430580

which I was unable to modify with message level settings, which was the catalyst for my finding the discrepancy.

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