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Bring back dual-use SUSYTools

Sara Alderweireldt requested to merge salderwe/athena:dev/ST_AthAna into master

See ATLSUSYBGF-654 for further discussion.

This Draft MR includes development to restore dual-use SUSYTools, testing with AthAnalysis,master,r11.

  • general fixes to CMake files, output types, EventInfo calls, and b-tagging handling
  • reshuffle in test JO
  • example of AA ART test version

Non-SUSYTools issues under investigation, highlighting that we have a few more tools that aren't dual-use yet:

  • locked container issue with NNJvt recalculation --> !62030 (merged)
  • Configuration of OverlapRemovalTools: fixing init in configuration (--> leave it to the parent) --> !62031 (merged)
  • DecorWriteHandleKey issues where not initialised in init functions, e.g. in if-conditions in the BoostedJetTaggers package --> !62032 (merged)
  • AsgTools fixes --> !61986 (merged) We'll need some discussion with the developers of the other tools on these complications, I'll make this MR dependent, but hopefully we can merge a first functional solution soon.

Would probably merge after unrelated SUSYTools update !62029 (merged).

To do (not necessarily in this MR):

  • development of 2nd Alg to separate plain workflow and count validation (more like the original SUSYToolsTester) and histogram validation (more like the existing ART setup)

tagging: @will, @mrimoldi, @cmerlass, @miholzbo

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