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Configure the ACTS geometry tool in legacy trigger via wrapped CA [ATR-27768]

While working on !61235 (merged), I encountered a clash between a statically defined tool configuration returned by ConfiguredActsTrackingGeometry (building Pixel only) and a full configuration originating from the CA-based HLT jet tracking instance:

AthenaConfiguration.ComponentAccumulator.ConfigurationError: Failed merging new config value (['Pixel', 'SCT']) and old config value (['Pixel']) for the (BuildSubDetectors) property of ActsTrackingGeometrySvc/ActsTrackingGeometrySvc (ActsTrackingGeometrySvc/ActsTrackingGeometrySvc) old (new).

This could be resolved by replacing the ConfiguredActsTrackingGeometry call with the proper ActsTrackingGeometryToolCfg taking the tracking instance ConfigFlags. It might be possible to remove this function and the containing file ​ entirely, as it was only called from this one place.

Note: labelled sweep:ignore because the ACTS packages/files have been renamed in master.

FYI @sutt

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