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allow simulation to be run on ESD file

Will Buttinger requested to merge will/athena:23.0-runESD into 23.0

This is a re-attempt at the work attempted by !64214 (closed) ... main difference here is that instead of using the INFILE trigger config option, which then requires use of the xAODConfigSvc, I make use of the FILE trigger config option, since the json files are generated at configure-time. @dreikher can you comment on whether it is really necessary or not to satisfy the ticket for us to use the INFILE configuration, or do you agree we are fine to use the FILE option?

I tested this code by running:

python -m L1CaloFEXSim.L1CaloFEXSimCfg -i path/to/input.AOD.pool.root -e -n 5

Using the test AOD.pool.root file David provided for me.

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