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2023-12-08: merge of 23.0 into main

gitlab-api requested to merge emoyse/athena:sweep_23.0_main_2023-12-08 into main

This sweep contains the following MRs:

I had a few conflicts:

  • Simulation/ISF/ISF_FastCaloSim/ISF_FastCaloSimEvent/share/TFCSEnergyAndHitGANV2_test.ref
  • Simulation/ISF/ISF_FastCaloSim/ISF_FastCaloSimEvent/src/TFCSONNXHandler.cxx
    • Both these were deleted in HEAD and modified in upstream/23.0. I kept them deleted.
  • Simulation/ISF/ISF_FastCaloSim/ISF_FastCaloSimEvent/src/TFCSPredictExtrapWeights.cxx
    • Minor internal conflict, which I just resolved.
Edited by Edward Moyse

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