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Draft: Remove wrong defined "RNNEleScoreSigTrans" variable (xAOD change)

Antonio De Maria requested to merge ademaria/athena:eveto_rm into main

This MR is meant to remove "RNNEleScoreSigTrans" variable in xAODs since this is a variable derived from buggy flattening procedure. This should be substituted by "RNNEleScoreSigTrans_v1". The drop of "RNNEleScoreSigTrans" from PHYS and PHYSLITE was already done previously (!66089 (merged)), so the only change expect here is at xAOD level

Also, given this change, the following flags won't be defined anymore:

  • IsTauFlag.EleRNNLoose
  • IsTauFlag.EleRNNMedium
  • IsTauFlag.EleRNNTight
Edited by Antonio De Maria

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