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More Acts TrackFinding cuts and debugging options

Tim Adye requested to merge adye/athena:adye-ckf41 into main
  • The branch stopper uses the usual TrackSelector for maxHoles and minMeasurements cuts, so no longer has its own cut values. The branch stopper can be completely disabled with doBranchHoleCut.
  • The Kalman fit on the CKF input seeds can now be disabled with refitSeeds property. If the KF fails (probably unlikely), now falls back on the initial seed parameters.
  • TrackStatePrinter optionally shows track states while filtering (called from the branch stopper). Enable with printFilteredStates property.
  • TrackStatePrinter prints KF fitted seed.
  • TrackStatePrinter only includes extra measurement information if compareMeasurementTransforms enabled.
  • Replace const_cast<const T&>() with std::as_const()
  • reformat with clang-format

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