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remove MuonCablingServers (for ATLASMCP-243)

Junpei Maeda requested to merge junpei/athena:ATLASMCP-243_fix into main

TgcCablingServerSvc class inherited from ITGCCabingServerSvc in TgcCablingInterface only remains in MuonCablingServers package. This inheriting was originally used for the several different cabling packages, such as TGC_cabling12. Migrating TgcCablingServerSvc class to MuonTGC_Cabling, I remove MuonCablingServers package for the software management.

By adding Muon namespace, I needed to update the namespace for all the relevant occurrences of the TGCcablingServerSvc. This was a cause of many CI failures and !72407 (merged).

In some codes we can remove branches whether isAtlas() returns true or not. Since it always returns true in the current cabling, and the old package in case of false has been deleted a long time ago. So This can remove the dependency on TGCcablingInterface package.

This MR relates to: ATLASMCP-242, ATLASMCP-243, !72339 (merged), !72407 (merged), and !72411 (closed).

cc: @jojungge @emoyse @fwinkl

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