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WIP: Create pre-configured image for use in CI

Daniel Joseph Antrim requested to merge dantrim_update_ci_image into devel


This MR changes the container used in the CI from centos7 to labremote-base, whose build configuration is specified in this MR's changes, tentatively named Dockerfile_base since I didn't want to yet clobber the existing Dockerfile (not knowing what it's purpose is).

The labremote-base image contains all of the "boilerplate" install that we currently do in the CI, the goal being to speed up the CI process and to remove the clutter from the CI logs. The CI should be ready to to install/build labRemote from the start, rather than build many standard and system packages.


I want to understand the complete requirements of this image. For example, right now it does not include some of the additional libraries like mpsse. It may also be good to understand in what other circumstances that this labRemote-ready image may be used.

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