Small fixes for SLC6 and Antenna operations

Martin Delcourt requested to merge delcourt/Ph2_ACF:SLC6_update into Dev

Dear Ph2_ACF developers,

While setting up a hybrid test system on a SLC6 based system, and compiling the code for antenna tests, I found a few bugs that might interest you.

  • SLC 6 compatibility (even if I was told that support for this distribution might have been dropped, I don't think these changes would harm the code) :
  • Added compiler flags to ignore warnings occuring while compiling outdated external libraries preventing to build Ph2_ACF.
  • Added include to .
  • Antenna compatibility :
  • Changed two "Start" and "Stop" methods to "StartBoard" and "StopBoard".
  • src/ : updated Find Open method name
  • miniDAQ :
  • Added line to cic aligner section to allow miniDAQ to run with CIC

Best regards, Martin

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