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Fix Monitorables showing up in wrong tab

Dylan Oliver Teague requested to merge bugfix/shelf-js-wrong-tab into develop


Because the top row variables, i.e. DAq, TTC, and Trigger rate info is filled in the same `

block, they are inserted by putting the tables into the row with jQuery. The problem arises that with multiple AMCs and no unique name for the row, all of the top row variables are put into the first AMC tab.

This is fixed simply by giving each row a unique id based on the urnName.

Related Issue

Closes #159 (closed)

How Has This Been Tested?

This was tested on the coffin setup by duplicating the AMC xdaq applications. While there is only one AMC to work with, the ShelfMonitor makes two AMC02 tabs without problem and fills the tables both respectively.

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