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As mentioned in MR !111 (closed), it would be nice to move xdaq tabs to bootstrap's navtabs. To do this, the structure of webDefault needs to be changed. The basic premise to to have each web based class set what the tabs it will needs in its constructor and webDefault sets up the HTML code needed to make the tabs. This removes the need for default webPage functions such as monitorPage because each class can just make the pages it needs.

This change does require a large change to the existing code base because references to the old monitorPage, expertPage, and applicationPage must be removed from all the web based classes

MR !111 (closed) is kept separate for the moment simply because it can be merged most quicker (much less is changed) and it resolved more clearly the problem posed in issue #95 (closed), ie the xdaq tabs not changing correctly because of an indexing issue. If wanted, !111 (closed) can be added to this MR to keep the change in a single MR.

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Closes #95 (closed)

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