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Implement the SCA GBT phase scan

Pieter Everaerts requested to merge feature/oh-sca-gbt-phase-scan into main


This MR adds a phase scan for the SCA e-link. For each phase from 0 to 15 the SCA is reset a number of times (default 100) and the ready state is checked.

It is a bit ugly that we have to read the config-file to apply the phases, but otherwise we overwrite other values and the scan misbehaves. This can be modified once we have the possibility to read back GBT registers.

The raw results are saved in /tmp/gemdata/scaPhaseScan/. The phases and the corresponding number of failures are printed.

Related Issue

This MR addresses issue #193. We could consider merging the solution with #192 and make it a single scan.

How Has This Been Tested?

Tested on the GE2/1 integration setup in B904.

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