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Redesign of job options management

Marco Clemencic requested to merge clemenci/Gaudi:joboptssvc-redesign into master
  • introduce a namespace to hold interfaces: Gaudi::Interfaces
  • introduce a new interface Gaudi::Interfaces::IOptionsSvc
  • deprecate IJobOptionsSvc methods
  • rewritten JopOptionsSvc to implement the new interface and provide implementation of IJobOptionsSvc through the new methods
  • modified ISvcLocator to provide quick access to the default implementation of Gaudi::Interfaces::IOptionsSvc
  • modified all components bases to use the new interface
  • bind properties to the option service (at initialize)
    • IOptionsSvc::set directly sets the actual property
    • IOptionsSvc::get returns the value of the actual property (as string) even if not originally set from option files
  • added options to lazily set global defaults
    • JopOptionsSvc().GlobalDefaults = [(r'.*\.OutputLevel$', '5')] can replace MessageSvc().OutputLevel = 5

Note: includes !759 (merged)

Edited by Marco Clemencic

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