RICH simulation input updates.

Updates the properties of the following RICH elements with more up-to-date measurements:

  • reflectivities of the R1 mirrors (both flat&spherical),
  • Fresnel reflection on the surfaces of the R1 gas quartz window with the antireflective coating,
  • nominal PMT QE.

It is backwards-compatible in terms of the software (older versions will run with this), but not in terms of the simulation results. The occupancy in RICH is expected to increase (mostly due to the nominal PMT QE update), and the overall PID is to be improved slightly (due to the bertter mirror/quartz window properties).

Needs lhcb/Gauss!646 (merged) to use the updated Fresnel reflection (without it, the standard simulation will be used).

This changes the PMT occupancies used as an input for the SIN simulation - updated in SIMCOND!116 (merged).

Edited by Thomas Latham

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