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[RTADPA BW Tests] New Sprucing bandwidth test using latest-available HLT2 input.

Luke Grazette requested to merge lugrazet-BW-spruce-ydayshlt2 into master

cc: @rjhunter.

related to: lhcb/Moore!2763 (merged) + lhcb-core/LHCbPR2HD!270 (merged) + lhcb-core/LHCbNightlyConf!1121 (merged)


Adds a new sprucing test, Moore_spruce_latest_bandwidth, which uses the Hlt2 nominal full-stream output which was uploaded to eos on the previous day.

Added a new script,, which runs only for Hlt2 nominal tests and writes the metadata.yaml based on information from the full-stream output of the test currently running. This metadata.yaml is used as an input config for the new sprucing test.

  • a little safety around division in zero from the calculation of overlap_matrix, never comes up in the actual tests because every stream has a non-zero retention in 100k events, but when running test jobs it can come up and it was annoying me.

  • changes to facilitate the new test + metadata.


  • Maybe revisit the N_EVTS and calculate via a gaudipython job?
    • Wait to see if BWTesters know a way to tell the N_EVTS available in a file.
    • Else, adapt list_event_numbers to extract the N_EVTS by iterating a gaudipython job.
  • Rebase after !362 (merged) was merged

Closes #12 (closed)

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